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BIG WASP Standard quality needle cartridges

We upgraded the white cartridges,thinner tips,Better stuck inside the machine,store more ink.

The tip has a radian, more fit to skin.

Cartridges come with rubber membrane, no ink leakage or flow back to the tube.

Needles are sterilized by ethylene oxide gas

Sold in box of 20 pieces cartridges

Labels on the box

30/05RL or 1005RL:  5 Round Liners of 0.30mm tattoo needles

35/09RL or 1209RL :  9 Round Liners of 0.35mm tattoo needles


  • 0.30mm needle cartridges. The size on the plastic tip DOES NOT stand for the needle grouping. (30/07RL cartridges come with 3R tips instead of 7R tips, 30/27RM cartridges come with 23F tips instead of 27F tips)
  • The old boxes are a bit larger than the new needle boxes. So don't be surprised if you received needles in diffferent size boxes.

It uses conventional needle,whose needle wire is sharp and has strict quality control. Each needle wire is tested by high-power electron microscope, to ensure that the needle wire does not have hook and burr, ensuring the consistency of needle. It uses 316 stainless steel sharp needle wire, with uniform ink and smooth needle line,  which is still bright as new after a long time.The needle wire can be safer to be used after ethylene oxide disinfection .