BRONC Tattoo Pen with Needle Cartridges Pack

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BRONC PEN &  60 Cartridges

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BRONC PEN + Standard Cartridges 60 PCS

Please choose from below groupings, 10 PCS each grouping.

  • 1RL, 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 9RL, 11RL, 13RL, 15RL

  • 3RS, 5RS, 7RS, 9RS, 11RS, 13RS, 15RS

  • 5M1, 7M1, 9M1, 11M1, 13M1, 15M1, 17M1, 19M1, 21M1, 23M1, 27M1

  • 5RM, 7RM, 9RM, 11RM, 13RM, 15RM, 17RM, 19RM, 21RM, 23RM, 27RM

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You can also choose 20 PCS x 3 different groupings if you want.

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BRONCâ„¢ PEN Roary Cartridge Tattoo Machine


Body: aircraft aluminum

Weight: 154g (5.43oz)

Grip size: 2.3mm

Stroke: 3.5mm

Needle depth: 0~4.5MM (adjustable, rotate the grip to adjust)

Connection: RCA only (compatible with most standard RCA cables)

Motor: Swiss made 5W motor, 16000 RPM

Operating voltage: 5V~7V dc

DO NOT use 7V+ volts on this tattoo pen

[Specs updated on November 20 - All new motors]

In the Box:

>Hummingibrd Bronc Tattoo Pen

>Machine Tray

>One Bag of O-rings

>Super Lube Oil

>RCA clip cord

>Needle Cartridge Samples

Warranty: we offer 1 year limited warranty. Machine components not subjected to normal wear and tear will be covered under warranty. The warranty will become voided if the machine has undergone unnecessarily rough handling, repeated dropping, over exposure to moisture or lubricant. Designed and engineered by Flydragon.




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