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Bronc STAVES Wireless Tattoo Pen

Bronc STAVES Wireless Tattoo Pen

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Introducing the Bronc STAVES Wireless Tattoo Pen - available for pre-sale now, shipping starting from March 16th. Choose from four colors: black, gray, red, and green. The pen weighs just 190g (including the battery) and has a battery capacity of 1800mAh, providing 4-7 hours of working time (according to test results). It features a Type-C fast charge, with a charging time of 2-2.5 hours. The pen has a 0.1V level control, with a voltage output of 5.0V-12.0V and a recommended working voltage of 5.5V-7.5V.

The pen is equipped with a Swiss motor, offering a no-load speed of 12000rpm and a push speed of 70-160 Hz, with a maximum efficiency of 85%. It has a unique hand-held non-slip design, and touch keys that are more durable than mechanical keys. The pen has overload protection and overcurrent protection, automatically powering off in case of a stuck or short-circuited machine. The enlarged display screen displays more comprehensive information. The pen's stroke is replaceable at 3.5mm, with a needle depth of 0-4mm.

The pen also has a jump start feature, allowing for a 0.2 second 9V start pulse. In the package, you'll receive the Bronc STAVES Wireless Tattoo Pen, a Type-C fast charge cord, and an OCP overload and short circuit prompt, along with overload protection, and overcurrent protection. Order yours today!

Warning: This device does not support fast charging. For the safety of your machine, please use the provided cable for charging.

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