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BIGWASP Cartridges Needle Grey-Soft Edge Magnums

BIGWASP Cartridges Needle Grey-Soft Edge Magnums

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BIGWASP Tattoo Needle Cartridges (Generation 3)

Looking for high-quality tattoo needle cartridges that are compatible with most standard cartridge grips and machines? BIGWASP has got you covered!

Our Generation 3 cartridges feature a membrane that prevents ink leakage to the tube or machine, making them a reliable and convenient choice for tattoo artists. The semi-transparent tips also make it easier to observe the needle striking, ensuring precise and accurate work.

Each box contains 20 cartridges, making it easy to stock up and ensure you always have the cartridges you need on hand.

Choose BIGWASP tattoo needle cartridges for your next tattooing session and experience the quality and convenience that our customers rave about!

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