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BRONC TOUGH Adjustable Wireless Pen

BRONC TOUGH Adjustable Wireless Pen

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**BRONC TOUGH Adjustable Wireless Pen**

The BRONC TOUGH Adjustable Wireless Pen offers a unique and ergonomic design, combined with elements inspired by Oriental culture. With its low center of gravity, weighing only 260g, this pen provides optimal stability for precise and comfortable operation.

Featuring a stroke range of 2.6-4.3mm, the pen allows for versatile and broad application, making it easy to achieve rich and vibrant coloring. Its generous ink capacity ensures a smooth and uninterrupted drawing experience. The pen's gold-plated circuit board not only enhances stability but also provides a heightened tactile sensation, enhancing the overall drawing experience.

Equipped with a 2000mAh battery, the BRONC TOUGH Adjustable Wireless Pen boasts an exceptional battery life. With a charging time of 2-2.5 hours, it can last for an impressive standby period of 7-10 hours, ensuring uninterrupted creativity.

Choose from a selection of five captivating colors to suit your personal style. The BRONC TOUGH Adjustable Wireless Pen combines functionality, aesthetics, and durability, making it a versatile and reliable tool for artists, designers, and creative enthusiasts.

Upgrade your artistry with the BRONC TOUGH Adjustable Wireless Pen and experience the perfect blend of performance and style.

Warning: This device does not support fast charging. For the safety of your machine, please use the provided cable for charging.

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