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2024 BRONC X2 Adjustable Wireless Pen

2024 BRONC X2 Adjustable Wireless Pen

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BRONC X2 Adjustable Wireless Pen


  • High-definition IPS ultra-large color display with super-clear 180° wide-angle viewing. Supports simultaneous display of voltage, current, timing, and seamless switching between different interface styles.
  • Corning sixth-generation 3D tempered glass with an 8.0 Mohs hardness rating ensures scratch-resistance against any surface touch, maintaining brilliance and an exceptional visual experience. A distinctive design element.
  • Equipped with two 18500 high-density lithium batteries, offering a continuous usage time of 15-20 hours on a single charge, ensuring uninterrupted productivity. (Based on interchangeability of two batteries)
  • Ergonomic handle design with added lower section contouring, reducing hand fatigue. Sleek overall appearance crafted through precision CNC machining.
  • Vertical groove cutouts on the handle for enhanced grip, CNC precision machining for precise adjustment components, ensuring 11 adjustable settings with clear and accurate tactile feedback.
  • Comes with standard RCA adapter, facilitating seamless switching between wired and wireless connections. Enjoy worry-free endurance!

Master chip:

  • The newly upgraded X-Series 28-nanometer chip, boasting a 35% increase in processing speed, delivers remarkable performance enhancements. Real-time monitoring significantly improves output current stability, ensuring seamless integration with motors for finer needle insertion and efficient coloring.
  • Featuring a quick voltage switching design, effortlessly toggle between 4 voltage levels to meet varying requirements for line cutting and misting during usage.
  • The latest X-Series 28-nanometer chip elevates processing speed by 35%, while real-time monitoring ensures operational stability. Instantaneous detection of sudden current surges, output instability, and blockages are promptly displayed on the OLED screen, facilitating timely troubleshooting for users, thus enhancing product reliability.
  • Offering up to three levels of rich menu options, users can personalize their exclusive modes. Simultaneously pressing the plus and minus keys enables seamless navigation through multiple menu levels. For further details, please refer to the user manual.


  • Featuring a robust custom-made motor, delivering unparalleled performance! Ensures every stroke effectively penetrates the skin and achieves optimal color retention.

 Drive Mechanism:

  • Distinguished from other adjustable pen styles, it incorporates a built-in rebound structure, eliminating reliance on the silicone-driven needle for tip recoil. This increases the machine's reciprocating frequency (one of the reasons for faster coloring).
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